Multi residential can be a great way to capitalise on a large block with opportunities for additional revenue streams or multi-generational living. AFT Building will ensure that your design takes full advantage of the block to ensure your investment is protected whilst remaining within your budget. 

Rely on our expertise and knowledge in providing maintenance-free designs and products, ensuring your project is future-proofed against expensive upkeep and costly maintenance. We prioritise durability and cost-effectiveness, providing you with a long-lasting and resilient construction that enhances the value of your investment.

With the property market evolving into a more versatile landscape, numerous families are exploring multi-generational living or seeking additional income opportunities through duplexes, triplexes, or multi-unit dwellings.



Allow us to guide you seamlessly through the entire process of designing your multi-residential project. Collaborating with our partner engineers and energy consultants, we leverage our expertise to ensure your project is not only cost-effective but excels in buildability, energy efficiency, and structural integrity.

We handle all approvals and certifications, providing you peace of mind as you witness your dream project come to life effortlessly.



Designed with architectural flair, this project optimises the use of the block, making it ideal for multi-generational living or as an investment for future-proofing
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