AFT Building Solutions is quickly being recognised as one of the premium custom home builders in Canberra. We specialise in luxury custom designed homes and design and construct projects. Our in-house design and interior design services can cater to all levels of the market whether it be an investment or a forever dream home. To find out more send us an email to get your dream project started!

With cutting-edge designs and modern amenities, these homes are crafted to meet the evolving needs of homeowners. From carefully planned layouts to energy-efficient features, each detail is meticulously considered during the construction process.

As skilled builders work diligently, these homes promise a blend of contemporary style and functionality, providing future residents with a fresh start in a thoughtfully designed and newly constructed environment.

We manage everything and the entire process, from the design phase to securing all approvals and certifications. Enjoy peace of mind as you watch your custom dream home come to fruition!



Knockdown rebuilds offer an ideal solution for families who love their location but desire a new home. At AFT Building, we guide you seamlessly through the process—from designing your new home to handling all necessary approvals and executing the demolition. This comprehensive approach not only saves you time and stress but also streamlines costs by consolidating everything under one banner. We meticulously assess your block to ensure it aligns with your desired design, providing upfront clarity on all costs before finalising any designs. Whether it’s upgrading electrical or plumbing systems or adhering to design guidelines in your suburb, we’ve got it all covered.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition, combining your desired design with modern construction techniques to create a home that perfectly suits your vision and lifestyle. Experience the thrill of a fresh start with our Knockdown Rebuild expertise



We constructed a unique residence inspired by French provincial architecture in the tranquil Montgomery Rise neighbourhood of Googong. This two-story, five-bedroom home, complete with a study, double ensuite, and bathroom with WC, boasts custom joinery throughout.
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