We recognise the unique nature of each renovation and extension project. Homes vary in their construction, and we acknowledge the importance of detailed planning to address these differences. Our approach involves conducting comprehensive investigations during the project’s planning phase to capture the full scope of work.

Our commitment is to provide transparency and prevent unexpected costs for our clients. Unlike other builders who may present clients with substantial additional expenses during the project, we prioritise due diligence in the pricing phase. As carpenter builders, we leverage our structural knowledge and expertise to mitigate potential delays and oversights that can arise when other builders fall short.

For a renovation or extension experience that is tailored to the unique characteristics of your home, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective process.



Our seamless process guides you through the design phase of your dream project. Collaborate with our partner engineers and energy consultants to leverage our expertise, ensuring your project is not only cost-effective but excels in buildability, energy efficiency, and structural integrity.

We take on the responsibility of managing all approvals and certifications. Relax and witness your dream renovation or extension come to life without the hassle of administrative tasks. Trust us to handle the intricacies, allowing you to focus on the exciting transformation of your space. Choose AFT Building for a comprehensive, stress-free experience that brings your vision to reality



The updated space boasts a striking kitchen and butler’s pantry, complemented by distinctive feature walls and new flooring spanning the living areas and hallways.


We completed a comprehensive internal and external renovation on a 50-year-old former government residence in Holt, coupled with a rear extension.


We accomplished a full house renovation in a remarkable 8-week timeframe, spanning from demolition to the final handover. Notable enhancements include the conversion of the kitchen living area’s old ceiling to elegant raked ceilings.
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