To finalise the floorplans structural drawings and energy rating reports/ Basix depending on what state the project is in must be created, we can organise this using our in-house engineer and energy specialist. Please note both these items are required for approvals from local council/government, this allows us to create a fixed price quote that can be taken to contract stage.

To complete this step incurs a fixed price fee based off the size of the project, this fee acts as a deposit on the project deposit, so if you decide to proceed with AFT as your builder, when the time comes to pay the initial 10% deposit to start the project this fee is deducted from that 10% invoice. This fee is purely to cover the costs of the engineer and energy specialists and time taken to compile a fixed price quote.


The following to be decided where applicable:
- Tiles, Flooring, Joinery
- Fixtures and fittings (our standard inclusions can be used to make decisions easier)
- Appliances (our standard inclusions can be used to make decisions easier)
- Windows
- Doors

These selections can be made from one of our many partner suppliers with meetings that can be booked with specialists to help decide on your selections.

If the estimate is not achievable the floorplans fee is charged direct to the client with no margins attached, this way the floorplans are yours to keep and can be shopped around to other builders, we take no ownership of the plans.

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